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Jiff Festval Jeonjou / korea

The central spatial element of the installation consists of multiple screens or projections, each showing a different data stream. Each stream is one animated film, hence the user can see several films in parallel. The installation creates a cinematic situation, i.e. the projections dominate an otherwise darkened room. . Even though the situation is cinematic, the audience is not passive. Rather, the control monitor also allows users to enter their own search terms, hence directly influence, though not fully control, the films that are shown.


The installation consists of multiple projections so that the users can relate the different streams to one another and thus explore yet another level of Internet-specific image-word relationships. One can imagine, for example, that the same search term entered in different languages creates different films, or that two words whose meaning is very similar are associated with very different image clusters.


Club Transmediale / Berlin


The best context for the presentation of the installation are media festivals, galleries or museums. These institutions still struggle with the question how to integrate the Internet into their traditional exhibition spaces without recreating the individualizing situation – one machine = one user – that we all know from the office or home use of the computer. The installation version of the project can help to overcome this difficulty by choosing a format that is adapted to the exhibition spaces as much as it is to the Internet.