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public space (Project)


Onewordmovie in public space«One Word Movie» will be significantly adapted to fit the particular context of an outdoor public venue. Most importantly, the interface will no longer be a keyboard but people can use their mobile telephones to submit keywords via SMS. The resulting film will be displayed in public space.. The basic information how to interact with «One Word Movie» will also be displayed.. In addition, on the ground, a panel will be installed, where people can get background information on how the installation works.


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However, it will not be necessary to know this background to interact with and enjoy «One Word Movie». Several issues specific to the public space situation will need to be considered. First of all, request overload. Since «One Word Movie» will be shown on a busy public place, it's possible that during peak hours, the queue of submission can get very long. In such cases, the length of each film will be limited to one minute to increase turn-over. Additionally, the key words in the queue will be displayed as running titles at the bottom of the screen (similar to stock tickers on TV news shows). The number of key words in the queue will also be shown so people can get a sense of how long it will take before their own film will be projected. In off-hours, it's possible that no request is submitted. In such a case, pre-selected keywords will be submitted and films generated this way.

Secondly, the filtering of content. The range of images openly available on the Internet is very wide. In the online edition of «One Word Movie» there is no filtering and hence films can contain images that are not suitable for a public setting. Since «One Word Movie» is based on the Google search engine, we can use its filters to block adult content. This is highly effective and has been tested in a public exhibition at FACT, the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology, Liverpool.